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Mississauga Pest Control Services for Bird

At Mississauga Pest Control Services we believe that the best solution for your bird problem is a humane, cost effective permanent pest management strategy. Most bird species in Ontario are protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty and the EndangeredSpecies Act however 3 species are not indigenous to North America and have caused significant environmental damage as invasive species. They are the Sparrow, Starling and Pigeon and they are considered nuisance pests and are not protected against control, dispersal or extermination. Despite the laws, extermination of these species is seldom of much use considering that populations of Starlings alone in Canada and the U.S. exceed 2 hundred million. Exclusion is more humane more practical and provides a permanent barrier.

What we do

There are many different bird control systems. The use of each bird control system depends on the species of bird and the immediate location. If you are not sure of the species just give us a call (1-888-390-7378) and our trained operators will identify your pest with a few quick questions. We may even be able to provide a quote over the phone to correct your problem. In some situations a technician will come out to your house or business to do an inspection and give you a free quote. Successful bird proofing jobs mean peace of mind, longer lasting roofs, less plugged gutters and less cleaning. The most common systems we use are as follows.

Aanteater uses a wide variety of bird control solutions tailored to control any nuisance bird problem

Welded wire mesh

This is perhaps the most common exclusion method of bird control. It is used where birds have entered vent openings or other small areas. We use a galvanized welded wire mesh to cover the opening and prevent birds from gaining access. This product is extremely durable and can be easily formed to fit any small application.

Bird spike

Made with a clear flexible base and blunt tipped steel spikes and installed on current perching and roosting locations, bird spike is an effective way to exclude birds from ledges and signs. The spikes don't hurt the bird but make it impossible for them to land. The spikes are glued or screwed down. At close distances they are noticeable, higher up the spikes become virtually invisible.

Bird netting

Bird netting is similar in function to welded wire mesh except that it is used to exclude birds from much larger areas such as balconies or parking garages. Bird netting is extremely durable and can be expected to last many years. A stainless steel cable is attached around the perimeter of the area to be excluded and then the net is attached using small steel rings. It is a permanent solution providing excellent control. Zippers can also be installed where access to equipment is necessary.

Shock track

Shock track is a discreet bird deterrent system that has the advantage of deterring all species of birds. It employees an intermittent electric pulse which while unpleasant, does not injure birds in any way. The track is less than 1inch in height so it is excellent in areas where aesthetics are important.


Trapping pigeons is a useful short term method of immediately reducing a determined population followed by exclusion. Effective trapping requires pre-baiting and consistent follow up visits.

Bird mites

Often bird infestations are followed closely by infestations of parasitic bird mites. Bird mites appear as tiny moving black dots too small to be easily seen without a magnifying glass. If the birds are not removed bird mite populations will grow rapidly and in turn they will infest the entire residence or building. Symptoms on humans include red irritated bites, often with intense itching. In a residence mites will congregate where humans are found, usually the bedrooms closest to the entry point on the exterior of your house. Over a thousand bird mites may emerge from a single nest. All Aanteater technicians are licensed by the ministry of the environment. It is illegal for an unlicensed technician to perform an extermination. Once a house is badly infested it becomes very difficult to eradicate. Make sure your bird control technician is properly licensed and insured to handle pesticides.

Starlings, Pigeons and Sparrows

These three bird species are a nuisance to both businesses and home owners because of their tendency to roost and nest inside buildings. This often leads to clogged air vents and large amounts of feces inside vents, attic voids and across balcony floors. Although people often consider birds in a positive way in their backyard, birds nesting in a stove vent or attic is a significant nuisance. Their ability to carry and spread disease is easily equal to that of rats.


Starlings and Sparrows are native to Europe, but were introduced in central Park New York city probably by Eugene Schieffelinof the New York Zoological society during the late 1900's. Wild populations of European Starlings have now been documented in every continental US state and Canadian Territory.Starlings are the most common pest bird in residential houses in southern Ontario due to their enormous numbers. General appearance is medium size, squat and sturdy with generally black or dark brown feathers and white flecks (hence the name). They are quick to take flight and very social sometimes traveling in flocks of thousands. Starlings will eat any seed as well as insects. They can reproduce at any time of year given the right conditions but generally have one clutch of about 5 babies in the spring. Starlings are extremely intelligent and tame birds can even learn to talk. Average lifespan is about 15-20 years.


Most people are well acquainted with this bird. They are excellent fliers and are often seen in flocks. Pigeons feed on open ground eating seeds or discarded scraps. They mate for life and roost on tall buildings where their droppings coat window sills and ledges. Droppings accumulate very quickly are corrosive and greatly speeds the erosion of concrete and roofing materials. They also contain bacteria which may occasionally cause health problems.


The house sparrow is a small mostly brown bird with a stubby beak. They are found in just about every corner of the world. Sparrows eat mostly seeds but will eat nearly anything in small amounts. There are many different species which have similar appearances and are often very hard to distinguish from one another. They are generally very aggressive for their size toward other birds. Sparrows can fit through very tiny cracks which makes homes and businesses very vulnerable to infestation.

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