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Skunk Removal

Choose Mississauga Pest Control Services to remove skunks from your property. We offer a free quote and a 5 year warranty on all our work. All our technicians are licensed through the ministry of Environment. We have been in business for over 25 years and have completed thousands of wildlife exclusions.

How do we control skunks?

Skunks do not climb, at all. Sometimes they may even become trapped in a window well. They are however, excellent diggers and will happily live under anything that provides them protection from the elements. The most common places to find skunks are underneath concrete slabs, decks, porches and backyard sheds. Mississauga Pest Control Services technicians will come out to your house or property, do a thorough inspection of the situation and give you a written quote. The process involves attaching a one way door over the main entry hole. The skunks will leave at night to forage for food but when they return theywill be unable to open the door from the outside.Once they are out they cannot reenter through the door, however since skunks are excellent diggers, they can move right beside the door and dig another hole.To ensure this can never happen, the technician will then dig a trench around the outside of the structure and install 16 gauge galvanized steel mesh down into the ground to prevent the skunks from digging a new hole.Therefore once they come out of the one way door, they cannot enter through it or dig another hole under the structure because they will hit the steel mesh. Once the skunk realizes it will not be able to gain re-entry under the structure, they will pick up and move to one of their other den sites in the area. Skunks tend to have 3 to 4 den siteswithin their territory.

Why not trap?

Occasionally it is necessary to trap a skunk but not very often. Skunks are very wary and often won’t enter a trap for weeks. When you do finally catch something it may not be the skunk you wanted or it may not even be a skunk. Even if you do catch your skunk, the scent of the den site is a powerful attractant to other wildlife looking for a place to live and you will soon have a new resident. Once you have an animal living under your deck, shed or porch you are 10 times more likely to have another animal move in, then your neighbor who has never had an animal den site. A skunk must leave its den every night to forage for food which insures that the one way door will have removed the animal in less than 24 hours. The one way door system is quicker, more reliable and it is also much more humane. Exclusion ensures that the animal can no longer re-enter under the structure and it secures the structureto ensure another animal cannot move in. Live trapping causes enormous stress to the animal and may even result in death.

General information

Skunks are mammals which live exclusively in North and South America. They are best known for their ability to spray a strong foul odour when threatened. Skunks belong to the order Mephitidae which includes only the different skunk species. In Ontario the most common species is the striped skunk. The striped skunk weighs about 4.5kg (10 lbs.) or approximately the same as a house cat. They are omnivorous (eating both plants and animals) and survive easily in urban environments. Skunks are mostly solitary animals with the female raising her babies alone. Kits a generally born in May and stay in the den site for about 8 weeks before venturing out with their mother at night. The kits will stay with their mother until the following spring.

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